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Familyure is a premium beauty shop that offers the convenience of getting all your perfume, cologne, and cosmetics delivered to your door. We love to take care of our customers and help them find their perfect fragrances. If you are searching for the perfect perfume, cologne, or cosmetics that will match yourself the best, or as a gift for a loved one, we are here to help! We provide a risk-free shopping experience, so please explore our site and try out some new products today! Familyure knows how difficult it can be to find the perfect fragrance that fits your mood. Our team strives to provide the best customer service possible by finding the right fragrance for you. We offer over 1000 different fragrances – so there’s something for everyone!

How did Familyure start

It all started with my mom who moved here from Europe in 1975. She was always into fashion but couldn’t find anything that smelled like the original fragrance from Europe that would fit her personality until she saw Victoria’s Secret’s Beautiful line of designer fragrances which she started than to sell locally. After that discovery, she hooked on more designer scents and the shop expanded, and today we are happy to share some memories of home every time she put on perfume, Familyure is a family-owned shop, we bring you your familiar aroma!

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32 Cedar LN Unit 211 Monsey NY 10952


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